Chelsea Flower Show 2016 Gold Winner

I am delighted to announce that the garden I designed for The Chelsea Flower Show 2016: The Modern Slavery Garden... won gold! 

In the spring of 2015 the British parliament once again led the way by passing the The Modern Slavery Act. This garden is a celebration of that day.

The bright front doors and colourful planting illustrate the ordinary streets where we all live. But there is a darker centre to the garden, which hints at a hidden reality; people still being kept in captivity and forced to work, in every part of the UK today.

But, hope stands in the form of an English oak tree; it was under such an oak that William Wilberforce stood when he dedicated his life to ending slavery in the 1800's. (In fact that original oak is still standing in Sussex). The metaphor of a solid, dependable and faithful oak threads through the story of the garden and ends with the open doors leading to a path of freedom.