No challenge too great

Each plot of land is unique in its form and character. The challenges of your site may present as a problem now, but with Juliet’s expertise they can be solved and even become the outstanding feature of the garden.

Juliet is adept at problem-solving; she relishes a challenge and her design for you will be a creative solution to the particular conditions of your garden. She has the experience to not only give you a beautiful garden, but also a smooth-running and enjoyable project.

Windswept & Coastal Gardens

To create a flourishing garden on a windy site, the spaces and planting areas need to be well-positioned for adequate shelter and the plants need to be expertly chosen and planted. Juliet has lived on the coast most of her life and has an extensive knowledge of the plants which will not just survive in your garden, but also thrive.

National Park & sensitive areas

There are several statutory designations which may affect what you are allowed to do with your land, including Listed Building status and the new South Downs National Park. Having lived in Sussex for 20 years, Juliet is well versed in local designations and has followed carefully the introduction of the new requirements of the SDNP planning authority. Should it be required, we can advise you on a planning application for your garden and guide you through the process; providing drawings, filing applications and attending meetings on your behalf.

New build problems

Following the build of a new house, your garden may be left in need of renovation. The soil may have been compacted by heavy machinery and there may be little good topsoil to plant into. Often, there will be builder’s rubble just beneath the surface and the garden may feel like a dauntingly ‘blank canvas’.

It may take time, but usually the soil can be brought back to life; we can advise on a process of soil renovation and advise you if new topsoil is necessary. A blank canvas is a great opportunity and with fast-growing plants and judicious investment in larger specimens, we can soon turn it into a beautiful garden.

Sloping sites

Many gardens have some level changes and some have dramatic slopes. Retaining walls may be required to create level areas for you to use the garden and steps are likely to be needed for easy access. High walls can be visually imposing and are also one of the expensive features of a garden; we will design your garden to minimise the impact of any walls that are necessary and incorporate them seamlessly into the overall scheme.

Difficult planting conditions

This lavender field was originally a paddock with heavy, clay soil, tough grass and weeds. Despite the water-logged soil, our client dreamed of ‘Provence-style’ lavender field. Over the autumn, winter and spring months we analysed and prepared the soil, ready for planting 1000 lavenders on mounded rows, in May. Delighted with the results, our client asked an artist to paint the scene and now she harvests and distils the lavender oil each year to make gifts for friends and family.